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About the URBANopt Project

The URBANopt project is focused on enabling three primary use cases:

  • Design of low energy campuses and districts through multi-building efficiency scenario analysis
  • Design and optimization of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) at a district-scale in conjunction with distributed energy resources (DERs) and electric distribution systems
  • Detailed design of next-generation district thermal systems

Visit the following links for more details on the URBANopt project:

Project Team

SDK Team

  • Tanushree Charan
  • Tim Coleman
  • Katherine Fleming
  • David Goldwasser
  • Scott Horowitz
  • Rawad El Kontar
  • Nathan Moore
  • Joseph Robertson

Project Management & Communications

  • Lauren Klun
  • Marjorie Schott
  • Christopher Schwing

GEB Workflows Team

  • Dylan Cutler
  • Tarek Elgindy
  • Sammy Houssainy
  • Ted Kwasnik
  • Ben Polly
  • Karl Heine
  • Zahra Fallahi

District Energy Systems

  • Nicholas Long, NREL
  • Kyle Benne, NREL
  • Amy Allen, NREL
  • Hagar Elarga, NREL
  • Nathan Moore, NREL
  • Brian Ball, NREL
  • Ted Summer, Devetry
  • Michael Wetter, LBNL
  • Antoine Gautier, LBNL
  • Jianjun Hu, LBNL
  • Baptiste Ravache, LBNL
  • Wangda Zuo, CU Boulder
  • Kathryn Hinkelman, CU Boulder
  • Jing Wang, CU Boulder
  • Mingzhe Liu, CU Boulder
  • Cary Faulkner, CU Boulder
  • Saranya Anbarasu, CU Boulder


  • Brian Ball

URBANopt, Copyright (c) 2019-2024, Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, and other contributors. All rights reserved.