Windows Installation Instructions


  1. Install Ruby 2.2.4 (x64)
    Note: URBANopt will update to a newer Ruby version when OpenStudio 3.0 is released

  2. Install Devkit using the mingw64 installer
  3. Include path to Ruby by adding the following to your environment variables path:


  4. Create a new environment variable HOME and set the variable value to the following:


    Detailed instructions for creating environment variables can be found online.

  5. Install Bundler version 1.17:

     gem install bundler -v 1.17
  6. Install OpenStudio 2.9.1
  7. Create file C:\ruby-2.2.4-x64-mingw32\lib\ruby\site_ruby\openstudio.rb and edit it to contain the path to your installed OpenStudio (where X.X.X is the OpenStudio version installed):

     require 'C:\openstudio-X.X.X\Ruby\openstudio.rb'
  8. Verify your OpenStudio and Ruby configuration:

     ruby -e "require 'openstudio'" -e "puts"

    Expected output:

      {<long-uuid>},                          !- Handle
      2.8.1;                                  !- Version Identifier`

Basic Set-up

  1. Install the URBANopt Command Line Interface (CLI):

     gem install urbanopt-cli
  2. View available CLI commands with:

     uo -h
  3. For detailed instructions, see our example instructions