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The following section is a short example where a new attribute “number of occupants” is added to the Feature report and the Post-Processor.

Below are the steps for this process:

  • Clone the urbanopt-reporting-gem repository to your local machine.
  • Open the schema file and append the new property number_of_occupants to the properties inside the program component.
  "Program": {
    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
      "number_of_occupants": {
        "type": "number"

1) Add number_of_occupants to the attribute accessor.

attr_accessor :site_area,......., :number_of_occupants

2) Initialize an instance variable number_of_occupants by adding it to the initialize method.

def initialize(hash = {})
  @number_of_occupants = hash[:number_of_occupants]

3) Add a default value for number_of_occupants in the defaults method:

def defaults
  hash = {}
  hash[:number_of_occupants] = nil
  return hash

4) Add number_of_occupants to the to_hash method.

def to_hash
  result = {}
  result[:number_of_occupants] = @number_of_occupants if @number_of_occupants
  return result

5) Finally, add number_of_occupants to the add_program method that is used by the Post-Processor to aggregate the program attributes values.

def add_program(other)
  @number_of_occupants = add_values(@number_of_occupants, other.number_of_occupants)
  • Next, go to the reporting Measure and request the number of occupants from the OpenStudio model and store it in the feature_report. number_of_occupants should be implemented in the run method, after the initialization of feature_report:
def run(runner, user_arguments)
  super(runner, user_arguments)
  # number of occupants. Note: 'building' is an object retrieved from openstudio model
  num_occupants = building.numberOfPeople
  feature_report.program.number_of_occupants = num_occupants
  • Run the new example project using the modified Scenario gem repository
    • Adjust the allow_local in the Gemfile located in your project’s directory, following instructions to allow the use of local gems.
    • This will enable using the local files in the urbanopt-scenario-gem repo that you have been editing

URBANopt, Copyright (c) 2019-2024, Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, and other contributors. All rights reserved.