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To modify or build your own gem that generates OpenStudio energy simulation results, here are the details of our code.

The first code block below creates and runs a baseline_scenario parser for OpenStudio results. It also integrates REopt settings for analysis during post processing. The example is set up so that the REopt™ analysis will use assumptions defined in a reopt/base_assumptions.json file for a scenario level analysis, as well as for subsequent individual site analyses at the feature level.

Inputs to this function are defined as follows:

  • name : name of Scenario
  • root_dir = Project directory (the one you created using uo -p)
  • run_dir: Directory to run and save results
  • feature_file: Path for geojson file (for example: example_project.json)
  • mappers_files_dir: File path for base_workflow.osw
  • csv_file: csv ScenarioFile with a column for mapper class and column for REopt assumptions file (stored within the reopt_files_dir folder). For an example see baseline_scenario.csv which is reproduced in part below.

    Feature Id Feature Name Mapper Class REopt Assumptions
    1 Mixed_use 1 URBANopt::Scenario::BaselineMapper base_assumptions.json
    2 Lodging 1 URBANopt::Scenario::BaselineMapper base_assumptions.json
  • reopt_files_dir: File path for a folder containing .json files for defining non-default REopt analysis assumptions. All assumption files MUST be saved in this folder. Note this folder is optional; if base assumptions are not provided for a feature, then defaults will be used as defined in If default assumptions are used utility charges will consist of $0.13/kWh without demand charges.
  • scenario_reopt_assumptions_file_name: Base REopt assumption .json file within the reopt_files_dir folder to use if running an optimization for an aggregated scenario.
def self.run_func
    name = File.basename(@scenario_file_name, File.extname(@scenario_file_name))
    run_dir = File.join(@root_dir, 'run', name.downcase)
    csv_file = File.join(@root_dir, @scenario_file_name)
    featurefile = File.join(@root_dir, @feature_name)
    mapper_files_dir = File.join(@root_dir, 'mappers')
    reopt_files_dir = File.join(@root_dir, 'reopt/')
    num_header_rows = 1
    reopt_files_dir_contents_list = Dir["#{reopt_files_dir}/*"]
    reopt_assumptions_filename = File.basename(reopt_files_dir_contents_list[0])

    if @feature_id
        feature_run_dir = File.join(run_dir, @feature_id)
        # If run folder for feature exists, remove it
        FileUtils.rm_rf(feature_run_dir) if File.exist?(feature_run_dir)

    feature_file = URBANopt::GeoJSON::GeoFile.from_file(featurefile)
    scenario_output =, @root_dir, run_dir, feature_file, mapper_files_dir, csv_file, num_header_rows, reopt_files_dir, reopt_assumptions_filename)

URBANopt, Copyright (c) 2019-2024, Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, and other contributors. All rights reserved.