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Publications and Presentations





Meyer, Ryan, Bridgeland, Brett, Woldekidan, Korbaga, Webster, Brett, Charan, Tanushree, Lewe, Jung-Ho, Olgyay, Victor, & Zaleski, Sarah. (2021) GT Flex: A Coordinated Multi-Building Pilot Study.

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De Rosa, L., Domingo, C. M., Gómez, T., Roman, S., Kontar, R. El, Polly, B., Fleming, K., & Elgindy, T. (2021). Integrated models for electrical distribution network planning and district-scale building energy use. IEEE Madrid PowerTech.

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Long, Nicholas, Antoine Gautier, Hagar Elarga, Amy Allen, Ted Summer, Lauren Klun, Nathan Moore, and Michael Wetter. (2021). Modeling District Heating and Cooling Systems with URBANopt, GeoJSON to Modelica Translator, and the Modelica Buildings Library. In Building Simulation 2021. Bruges, Brussels.


Rawad El Kontar, Ben Polly, Tanushree Charan, Katherine Fleming, Nathan Moore, Nicholas Long, & David Goldwasser. (2020) URBANopt: An Open-Source Software Development Kit for Community and Urban District Energy Modeling. ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Performance Modeling Conference And SimBuild.

Houssainy, Sammy, Faramarzi, Ramin, Farahmand, Farhad, Pande, Abhjieet, and Griesser, Jon. (2020). Community-Scale Energy Efficiency Assessment for Zero Net Energy Using the URBANopt Simulation Platform. ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, 17-21 August 2020.

Shanti Pless, Ben Polly, Sammy Houssainy, Paul Torcellini, William Livingood, Sarah Zaleski, Matt Jungclaus, Tom Hootman, & Mindy Craig. (2020). A Guide to Energy Master Planning of High-Performance Districts and Communities. Technical Report, NREL.

Earlier Publications

Polly, Benjamin J. (2018). “Zero Energy Districts”. United States. IMPACT Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota. Presentation.

Polly, B., Kutscher, C., Macumber, D., & Schott, M. 2016. From Zero Energy Buildings to Zero Energy Districts. (2016) ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, August, 1–16.

Macumber, D., Gruchalla, K., Brunhart-lupo, N., Gleason, M., Robertson, J., Polly, B., Fleming, K., & Schott, M. (2016). City Scale Modelling with OpenStudio. ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016 Building Performance Modeling Conference, September, 133–140.

Additional Publications

Visit the DES Workflow page for additional publications related to district energy systems.

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