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DISCO Installation

DISCO is implemented as a python package and will be available for download on PyPi. It will be installed, along with its dependencies, in a dedicated conda environment, within a python_deps folder on the user’s machine. Installation scripts will be provided for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows platforms. The scripts will be invoked via an URBANopt CLI command described below, without the user having to manually install python. This installation process should not interfere with python versions and dependency packages already installed on a user’s machine. URBANopt currently supports python 3.10 for its workflows.

To Install

Use the following CLI command to install the NREL-disco, urbanopt-ditto-reader and geojson-modelica-translator python packages:

uo install_python

This installs to the following versions of the python packages:

Python Package Version
NREL-disco 0.4.0
urbanopt-ditto-reader 0.4.1
geojson-modelica-translator 0.3.0

To update these versions, modify the version in the dependencies.json file in the python_deps folder for the package.

To check DISCO installation

To verify your install, list the packages installed using the pip list command and check for the NREL-disco package.

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