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REoptTM is a technoeconomic decision making model for distributed energy resource (DER) design accessible via web tool and API. Given a set of inputs it leverages mixed-integer linear programming to select the optimal design and hourly annual dispatch of solar PV, storage, wind and diesel generator technologies - it also provides key economic metrics for the system. Integration of this model with URBANopt allows individual buildings (i.e Feature Reports) and collections of buildings (i.e. Scenario Reports) to be assessed for cost-optimal DER solutions.

The URBANopt REopt Gem extends the URBANopt Scenario Gem and is intended to be used as a post-processor on Feature and Scenario Reports. The URBANopt REopt Gem can be used directly as shown in the example REopt project or through the URBANopt CLI. The URBANopt REopt Gem comes with the following functionality:

  • Reads Feature and Scenario Reports and parses their latitude, longitude, electric load profile, and available roof area to use as inputs to the REopt API. These values can be overwritten with settings from the assumptions file.
  • Reads Feature and Scenario Reports populates the ElectricTariff > coincident_peak_load_active_timesteps input to the REopt API with the 1-indexed indices of the top 100 timesteps with the largest power demands. At finer REopt modeling resolutions than 1 hour, the number of timesteps in this array is determined as 100 * time_steps_per_hour. This value can be overwritten with settings from the assumptions file.
  • Makes calls to the REopt API for optimal distributed energy resource (DER) technology sizing, dispatch, and financial metrics based using additional customizable input parameters stored in an input .json file
  • Optionally makes calls to the REopt API for resilience statistics on an optimized system (i.e. average outage duration sustained by system)
  • Saves responses from the REopt API to local files (by default in a reopt folder in the Scenario or Feature Report directory)
  • Updates Feature or Scenario Report’s distributed_generation attributes based on a REopt API response
  • Updates a Feature or Scenario Report’s timeseries_csv based on a REopt API response

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