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A new mapper class can be created to inherit from the existing BaselineMapper. For example, a MediumEfficiency mapper class can be created to override some of the measure arguments from the BaselineMapper in the create_osw method. The new mapper class can be assigned to features by adding the mapper class name in the Scenario csv.

  • Note — if the mapper inherits from an existing mapper, make sure to include the existing mapper’s file. For example:

      require_relative 'Baseline'

To create a completely new Mapper Class and Scenario CSV:

  • The new Mapper Class ruby file should be created in the Mappers folder. The default Simulation Mapper Class can be used as a template, and the osw_path would need to be updated as per the name of the new OpenStudio workflow file.
  • The new Scenario CSV can be created in the root folder, and the Mapper Class name should be added in the Mapper Class column. The existing Scenario CSVs can be used as reference.
  • OpenStudio Measures can be added to the new OpenStudio workflow file by adding the measure directory and measure arguments. In the mapper class, Feature properties from the FeatureFile should be mapped to the corresponding Measure arguments.

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