# URBANopt GeoJSON Gem

# Rdocs

The URBANoptâ„¢ GeoJSON Gem is an OpenStudio Extension Gem with functionality to translate information in a GeoJSON format to energy model inputs. GeoJSON is a commonly used format for describing geospatial data related to the built environment.

A JSON schema for the GeoJSON format is available at geojson schema (opens new window).

The main content in a GeoJSON file is a list of Features with associated geometry in a geospatial coordinate system; commonly the EPSG:4326 (WGS 84) coordinate system.

The URBANopt GeoJSON Gem places additional restrictions on Feature geometry and requires specific non-geometric properties that are not present in standard GeoJSON files and are not described in the standard GeoJSON schema.

The sub-schemas for the properties supported or required for each type of Feature in URBANopt GeoJSON are shown under Schemas.

The current functionalities of the URBANopt GeoJSON gem include:

  • Validate a GeoJSON file.
  • Calculate available roof area for photovoltaics.
  • Translate Building Feature to an OpenStudio Model.
  • Translate Building Feature to OpenStudio Shading Objects.

The Rdocs contain more information about the URBANopt GeoJSON Gem architecture.