Before you begin!

To run a project you will need an internet connection so the REopt Gem can access the REopt Lite API.

You’ll also need an API key from the NREL Developer Network. Copy and paste your key in to the developer_nrel_key.rb file in root directory of the urbanopt-example-reopt-project repo, then save the file:

DEVELOPER_NREL_KEY = '<insert your key here>'

Example Project

To run an example project incorporating REopt Lite functionality, clone the example project to your local machine. Next, run the following commands to set up the Rake tasks defined in the Rakefile of the current working directory:

  1. bundle install to ensure all dependencies in your Gemfile are available
  2. bundle update to update your gems to the latest available versions
  3. bundle exec rake openstudio:runner:init
    This command creates a runner.conf file that can be used to configure URBANopt. We recommend setting num_parallel based on the number of the number of Features you have or cores in your CPU.
  4. bundle exec rake to execute Rake tasks as described in the next section.